Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Meet Mary-Kate And Ashley!

Yesterday was busy. I attended a Case Conference at Lucerne House, which is scheduled once a month. And missed the launch of ABC1 on Freeview. Showcasing Moonlighting, Ellen, ESPN and 8 Simple Rules, Disney's first foray into DTT could be a license to print money!

I watched the Emmy award-winning Once and Again S1; a series that my Mother adored during its short-lived run on sky one (about the time when sky one entered a brand identity crisis that it has yet to emerge from). Sela Ward reminds me of the Managing Director, from JFL (Judy Farquharson Limited), who interviewed me for an online journalist post at Orange.

My Epson printer went on the blink. Ink is now flowing everywhere, but not on the paper! So, I've ordered a replacement. An Epson Stylus Photo R300. This model was less than half the price I paid for the C80, in 2002, and includes CD and DVD printing. Coincidently Epson announced its EasyPrint utility. Sweet.

During the weekend MacMAME reached 0.87b. Brad fixed a longstanding emulation bug (68ec020 CPU) that prevented Bubble Bobble 2 and Bubble Memories from working. A further revision is expected soon that will include a rewrite of the HID (Human Interface Device) code. I 'dusted off' Street Fighter and found myself yearning for more! Capcom never satisfyingly followed up Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, but instead bled the franchise dry with polished, if not innovative, sequels such as Marvel Vs Capcom. Resident Evil overshadowed any future aspirations for Street Fighter!

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