Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Here's a VoIP client worth downloading! Skype (available in all popular OS flavours) allows users to chat and transmit files across a global network. Amusingly the Skype icon colours vary a la Skittles! Sign-up and if you're ever in the mood for a chat my user name is jrhood. Don't be a stranger.

It's official! I'm now excited about Revenge of the Sith! Last November the teaser trailer met with mixed reaction. It was difficult to muster much enthusiasm after the breathtaking Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yet, today, whilst walking past Exeter's Argos store, a sold-out flyer for Anakin's awesome Jedi Starfighter caught my eye. I've now ordered the Art of Star Wars Episode III and Visual Dictionary. The superlative production values of both book series for Episodes I and II are yet to be surpassed. If you thought the merchandising for The Phantom Menace was extensive, you ain't seen nothing yet. Master Soda please pass me a Pepsi.

Can't wait for Ridge Racers on PSP. Ridge Racer and Battle Arena Toshinden were the first two games I ever played on the PlayStation (Japanese import, 1995). That evening the latter's final boss had deadlocked a group of friends. To the chagrin of all those gathered, in button-bashing style I perfected Gaia twice on my first attempt - the vision of that Demon tumbling off the arena edge, and into fiery oblivion, left an indelible impression on us all. Back at University a disagreeable house mate acquired a PAL console and Sony's seduction was complete.

Sony has yet to announce full plans for the European launch of PSP. Given Nintendo's aggressive price point for DS, hopefully Sony will only offer the "Value Pack" option. I'm not shy to admit that the PlayStation Portable promises to be the most compelling consumer electronics product since the iPod (2001).

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