Friday, 30 March 2007

Quids In

A few days ago DVD.CO.UK listed the Sony PlayStation 3 at a mouthwatering 399.99 GBP (inc P&P). I was sorely tempted, but decided to wait to see whether or not the 6% discount would increase to 10%! I know, that's so tightfisted! The price has subsequently crept back up to 419.99 GBP (at time of writing). However, a Digital Spy forum member recommended using Quidco to receive a further 5% discount in cashback!

What's Quidco? Here's their official blurb:

Quidco is the web's cashback cooperative. Quidco collects referral commissions from online merchants and passes them all on to our members. The Quidco cooperative is a cashback revolution where members keep their full earnings in exchange for giving Quidco £5 out of their earnings once a year.

The Quidco model works for both the merchant and you. It enables the merchant to reach a large base of motivated savvy buyers and it enables you to get back big savings by buying from merchants who participate in the model.

Having signed-up with Quidco I've concluded that fellow UK-based consumers should too! In a nutshell, the idea is simplicity itself. You sign-in to Quidco and select your favourite merchants (if listed) and visit their site(s) directly via Quidco's affiliate link. Remember to do this every time you want to shop. There's a healthly amount of top-tier merchants on Quidco including The Apple Store, and John Lewis.

Payments are made via BACS or PayPal, I'd suggest using PayPal as there's no fee (remember that transfer charges may apply). Timeliness of payment is contingent on the third-party. Quidco is in the process of negotiating improved terms, so this shouldn't preclude you from considering the scheme.

There is an annual fee of £5.00 dependent on the amount of cashback you've accrued. That's a more than acceptable 'admin fee' and you receive 100% of earnings and not a revenue share, which is a trend followed by the majority of similar services. In this respect, Quidco is arguably unique.

A caveat that you should bear in mind. Quidco uses cookies and it's recommended that you use a secondary browser to shop via Quidco! There's a possibility that the cookie will be ignored if you've visited the site previously. Yes, you could clear all cookies, but then you'd delete any stored passwords, etc, which is time intensive and time you could spend shopping!

Please note that this site is not affiliated with Quidco in anyway. My opinion is based solely on my experience as a customer. Opinions may vary.

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