Generation Star Wars is a family-friendly and inclusive pop culture blog available on a variety of platforms including Apple News and Google News.

During the pandemic, I decided to go ‘old school’ and create a newsletter to keep family and friends informed, and it helped with my mental health during lockdowns and social distancing.

As an only child, comic books, toys, video games and trips to the cinema featured prominently during my formative years. Some of those theatrical experiences were from the minds of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

I hope you’ll subscribe (for free) to Stellar Scribes for merry movie musings and much more in the geek galaxy!

Stellar Scribes?

Dark Horse Comics reprinted the collected comic strip as Classic Star Wars in the early nineties. I was compelled to write to the Milwaukie-based publisher and my letter (hastily written between lectures on a university housemate’s Amstrad PC) was highlighted in Stellar Scribes - the inspiration behind the title of my rebooted newsletter. The first iteration was Scribes of a Star Wars Fan!, which you can read in the Archive.