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Monday, 27 September 2010

Mobile Wi-Fi from Three

Last December I was invited to trial MiFi from Three. Subsequently attending a consumer panel feedback session consisting of fellow bloggers, developers and members from Three's community, marketing and product development teams, in January of this year.

The fruits of that feedback session has resulted in an updated mobile broadband device (Huawei E585), which I collected during a recent event in London; an excellent opportunity to pose questions directly to Three and meet up with Twitter peeps @mahadewa, @jonchoo and @Hands0n.

It's worth noting that Three is proactive within the social media space, unlike many of its competitors.

Mobile Wi-Fi from Three

The updated device retains the diminutive form factor of its predecessor. The pack-in includes help cards, a recharger and USB connector. But, as before, I'd welcome a carry case! Perhaps there's an untapped accessories market?

Plug and play for the win. Gone are the confusing buttons that proved a puzzling challenge worthy of Sherlock, himself. Setup was a breeze (I'm not a fan of reading instructions). It's simply a matter of switching on and connecting multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices with the included password. The password can be changed to something more memorable using dashboard (Dashboard is browser-based and can be accessed using Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad).

In no time at all I was wirelessly streaming music from Spotify to an iMac, watching BBC iPlayer on Wii, Tweeting from an iPod touch (4G), and connected to the PlayStation Network with PSP at the same time.

The device can be used whilst recharging - a critical oversight in the previous model - and Three's broadband coverage has improved since late last year! For example I couldn't use mobile broadband at home as it was a network blackspot at the time. Now it's a viable alternative for home and away. However, it could be prohibitively expensive if used excessively.

Mobile broadband on the move

Three's taken another step towards replacing a fixed broadband connection with an average of 2Mbps throughout the day. I tested bandwidth speed here. Your mileage may vary.

Although the device is on loan for the purposes of testing, and this review, I've unreservedly recommended Mobile Wi-Fi from Three to family and friends. Well worth £49.99 of anyone's money.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Simplify Digital

Last night's edition of The Gadget Show featured Jon Bentley's guide to the best broadband deals on the market! The presenter suggested using Simplify Digital (The UK's leading digital TV, broadband and home phone comparison service. Free and impartial consultation accredited by Ofcom).

During The Gadget Show I tweeted that I was about to contact Virgin Media cancellations and investigate switching to an O2 or sky broadband package! Simplify Digital (Twitter link) followed me and sent a most helpful follow-up DM!

I was so impressed with Simplify Digital's friendly advice, that it was my duty to inform readers of this excellent service. You may wish to subscribe to the Simplify Digital Blog!

Again, Twitter proves itself invaluable.

Now, back to calling Virgin Media in the hopes of negotiating a faster broadband connection at no extra cost!

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Monday, 2 July 2007

Virgin Media's Medium Mollification

In April, during the height of the, as yet unresolved, spat between Sky and Virgin Media, Virgin Media's Customer Service team offered me a discount on their M Broadband package. The Medium package offers a leased modem, internet security, and up to 2Mb with no download limits within reason.

I noticed that the subsequent invoices did not reflect the promotion price and telephoned Virgin Media on Friday! Customer Services informed me that the offer had been withdrawn as I did not qualify for the discount - this was offered to customers registering online!

Virgin Media had not advised me, in writing, of the change and, therefore, this was possibly unlawful! To which I aver. The Customer Service representative was most helpful and gave me a free phone number, to call, to discuss the matter, further, if I so wished. Cancellation was really the last resort and canceling Sky (Music and Movies Mixes), in May, had freed-up income.

After several abortive attempts, one in which I was unceremoniously 'cut-off', I finally spoke to someone in their customer complaints department and was offered a significant reduction for the next 12 months. This was backdated to April. Well done Virgin Media, lets hope things go from strength to strength following the proposed buyout from private equity group Carlyle.