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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Moving Parts: A Droid's Life

Due to personal reasons, I've decided on a haiku review format! WALL-E (voiced by Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt) is deserving of so much more!

PIXAR's artisans have, most literally, rendered their finest achievement worthy of demolishing any residual prejudices levelled against CGI - as a storytelling medium - forever; a silent story of dystopia and boundless hope!

WALL-E's heroic journey is a deft mix of light and darkness! The last of his kind, chillingly revealed in a silhouetted scrapheap graveyard, WALL-E's only companion, on an abandoned Earth, is a loyal cockroach! Then one, seemingly ordinary, day, a starship arrives, dispatching a probe droid called EVE!

In so many ways WALL-E completes a saga! PIXAR was owned by George Lucas and sold to Steve Jobs. With Ben Burtt's involvement this is further cemented and underscored by the insertion of the iconic Mac startup chime at a pivotal narrative juncture!

Mainstream cinema has regained its sense of wonder and it's called WALL-E!