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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Disney teases 'real' Star Wars lightsaber

"Light. Darkness. A balance." Disney revealed a first look at its 'real' lightsaber with a Disney Parks cast member cosplaying as Rey on Star Wars Day. The 13-second clip caused quite a sensation amongst fans (myself included) on social media.

"Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World Resort will take you to a galaxy far, far away starting in 2022 for an all-immersive, two-night vacation experience that goes beyond anything Disney has ever created before."

Impressive. Most impressive.

Is Disney's new retractable lightsaber the ultimate Jedi cosplay accessory for Star Wars Celebration and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Lightsaber Safety 101

What Star Wars fan doesn't want to wield a lightsaber around the home? This helpful instructional video, from the fine folks at Nukazooka, will guide you through the do's and don'ts! Don't be a Larry!

Share your lightsaber mishaps in the comments below.

Friday, 6 February 2015

JJ Abrams talks Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Collider caught up with JJ Abrams during the recent Visual Effects Society Awards where he accepted a Visionary Award. The director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens talked about the creative process and that lightsaber...

“I will say that what’s been funny is, since the lightsaber’s come out, I cannot tell you how many contradictory emails I have received from people who have both defended it with unbelievably detailed graphics… I've gotten things that are nuts, and I've gotten people who've shown how it'll kill you and how it doesn't make any sense. It’s been the funniest thing to see the arguments that have developed over this thing.”

Abrams goes on to describe the judicious use of filmmaking tools.

“I feel like the beauty of this age of filmmaking is that there are more tools at your disposal, but it doesn’t mean that any of these new tools are automatically the right tools. And there are a lot of situations where we went very much old school and in fact used CG more to remove things than to add things.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Friday, 4 April 2014

The Big Bang Theory celebrates Star Wars Day!

Star Wars references are nothing new to hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory. However, this is something special. Sheldon and friends travel to Dagobah with help from those fine folk at Lucasfilm.

"The Proton Transmogrification" airs May 1st and sees the gang celebrate May the Fourth while Sheldon (Jim Parsons) has visions of his childhood mentor, Professor Proton (Bob Newhart), acting as a personal Jedi Master.

"We were approached by the Lucasfilm people to do something to celebrate Star Wars Day, which was nice," co-creator Chuck Lorre told The Hollywood Reporter.

Added showrunner Steve Molaro: "We knew that Bob was coming back and Lucasfilm called us, and we realized that that this might be an opportunity to mix both stories and come up with something special."

Yes, there will be lightsabers.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

George Lucas on how he invented the lightsaber

This isn't an April Fools' joke! Star Wars creator George Lucas, actor Mark Hamill, and sound designer Ben Burtt discuss the concept and creation of the lightsaber.

The Birth of the Lightsaber was first seen as a special feature on the original Star Wars trilogy's DVD box set in 2004, but this marks the first time the video has made its way onto the internet in an official capacity.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Stanford Students duel 'JediBot' with lightsabers

Robotics students at Stanford University have created their very own General Grievous to battle! Let's hope that unofficial mashups (including Star Wars music, sound effects and special effects) follow soon.

Hat tip @stuartwitts.