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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Talking Twitter, The Double and Princesshay nail bomb

This past week much has been made of Twitter's recurring service outages! Clearly Twitter is suffering scaling issues, escalated, in no small part, by mainstream media conglomerates adopting Twitter as part of their online channel offerings.

In a somewhat reactionary move, some self-appointed 'opinion leaders', on Twitter, were calling for a boycott of the young service yesterday - prophetically dubbed - Twit-Out!

I chose to boycott the boycott! Ironically, Twitter, itself, was 'out of it' for a while; although I doubt that this was intended to express solidarity for Twit-Out. I was aggrieved due to my unabridged delight at Manchester United securing The Double against Chelsea FC, whom I'm loathe to ever like, under dramatic circumstances!

On a most serious note. This afternoon, Twitter, yet again, proved its intrinsic value with regards 'breaking news', when a nail bomb exploded at Exeter's Princesshay Shopping Centre! I had, literally, only driven by Princesshay minutes prior to the explosion. Wondering if Peter Lacey, an eye witness interviewed by the BBC at Princesshay, is the same Peter I knew at primary school? Small world if it is!

One of my Twitter peeps, Geoff Rogers, has written an incisive post:

Twitter applications with actual applications

Geoff's a CSS style guru, amongst innumerable web 2.0 talents, and consulted on the usability of this blog! May I suggest that you subscribe to his blog's RSS feed too, you may learn something invaluable!

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Christmas on Exeter Street

If it wasn't enough that Exeter, my birthplace, garnered pride of place on Monopoly Here and Now UK Edition! Apple has finally announced that the Apple Store, Princesshay, opens on Saturday November 24th!

Here's the official announcement:

Come to the new Apple Store, Princesshay, and bring your curiosity. It's the place to test-drive any Mac or iPod, experience iPhone, and catch free workshops for all the latest Mac tips and tricks. When you get there, find our Concierge in the blue shirt. They're your guide to everything, from checking in for an appointment to instant checkout. This Saturday, you can enter our Grand Opening Sweepstakes* to win a Mac and loads of accessories to go with it. And if you're one of the first 1,000 visitors, you'll get a free Apple T-shirt.

Discover what makes the Apple Retail Store everyone's favourite neighbour.

Store Address:
24 Princesshay,

Telephone number: 01392 31 66 00

Friday, 9 November 2007

iPhone Home in Princesshay

It would be most negligent of me not to mention today's European launch of the iPhone! Will I be taking one of these home tonight? No! Its superior, and newer, sibling, the iPod touch, is a far more alluring consumer product and isn't tied to a misguided and expensive O2 contract. And the diminutive charms of the new iPod nano cannot be resisted! A black iPod nano sits on my computer desk craving attention!

The enigmatic Apple Store Exeter, now securely encased in Apple's trademark black fascia, purportedly opens on Saturday November 24th in Exeter's all-new Princesshay shopping centre! Don't quote me. Perhaps I'll see you in the queue!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Apple Store Exeter

This morning reported that Apple Inc has officially confirmed it is now recruiting staff for an Exeter retail store, which it plans to open in the redeveloped Princesshay area of the city.

For Devonian Mac Users, such as myself, starved of Cupertino consumer glamour, this is the news we've longed for! Lets hope that there's plenty of those most-coveted swag bags - from iPods to MacBooks - on opening day!

I'd better begin writing my job application!