Generation Star Wars is a family-friendly and inclusive pop culture blog available on various platforms including Apple News and Google News.

This blog was founded (at the suggestion of a friend) in May 2004 to cover everything from Mac OS X to movies and beyond! However, it wouldn't be until the summer of 2007 that it was christened Generation Star Wars; in my mother's memory; I remembered a comment made by my former A-Level Sociology tutor; it was the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

Over the years, the blog has developed meaningful connections with readers, brands and institutions including Liverpool University.

No post will ever be behind a paywall.

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Through the good times and bad, Star Wars is undoubtedly the defining film in my life. Thank you, George Lucas!

Meet the Force behind Generation Star Wars:

John Hood, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

A lifelong passion for the creative arts was ignited when John's parents took him to see Star Wars. Shortly afterwards he was bought a Hitachi portable tape recorder as a Christmas gift… Following graduation John worked for the BBC, Reuters and Dow Jones in various capacities: from breaking news to foley artist working with acting legend Sir Christopher Lee. He has talked to undergraduates at the University of Exeter regarding media career paths, leveraging social media, and provided help and advice during a storytelling workshop.

Andrew Lewin

With over 20 years of working in the media industry, Andrew is currently a freelance writer, social media consultant and web developer/programmer. He's also a technical specialist in the fields of accessibility, usability, information architecture and online communities. Andrew currently writes for motorsports website Crash.net reporting on IndyCar, NASCAR and GP2, and runs a review blog at takingtheshortview.wordpress.com, which reveals a worrying obsession for classic black & white movies, Nordic Noir and all things Doctor Who.

Nick Smith

You don’t know Nick from a hole in the ground but he’s a pretty nice member of the Star Wars generation who writes, makes movies and loves Cuban food. If kindness to strangers is a thing to you, check out his award-winning feature film Cold Soldiers, his bestselling novel Milk Treading or come hang out on the beaches of Northwest Florida where he lives and works. Then he won’t be a stranger anymore.

Mark Cockram

Mark lives and works in Exeter. He’s been involved in podcasting since 2012. Nerdology UK is a pop culture podcast covering TV, movies, theatre, books and more. Mark was also a host on The Blue Box Podcast for Starburst magazine. Since 2020, he has been a host, producer and editor of All Of Time And Space, a Doctor Who podcast alongside friend and fellow fan, Iain Martin.

Paul Moxham

Paul is a camera operator for BBC South West. A lifelong film fan, ex-cinema projectionist and former reviewer for BBC Radio Devon. These days his viewing preferences are largely dictated by his two small children.

Simon Judges

Husband, dad, freelance content writer, and non-practising epileptic, Simon's been a fan of Star Wars for as long as there's been Star Wars.

Matt Charlton

Matt's a lifelong Disney fan and joined the Rebellion against the Empire and switched from PC to Mac.

John Rivers

These days John is a middle-aged digital lead that spends his time in Cambridge and the surrounding countryside. He retains a passion for all things geeky including Doctor Who, Star Wars, Gerry Anderson, anime, electronic music and British literary fantasy.

Daren Thomas

Daren is a budding writer, whose day job in television has been diverse, from Assistant Directing on ‘Eastenders’, to looking after roof-jumping free-runners on a French action movie ‘Les Fils Du Vent’ and pretending to be Michael Kitchen on ‘Foyle’s War’. He has worked for several years in the script/story department within the BBC’s continuing drama ‘Holby City’.