Wednesday 29 November 2006

Ready. Set. Shop.

Not content with's Wii-Order Tuesday, Black Friday or even Cyber Monday? Then don't miss the Apple Store's special one-day shopping event. Friday, December 1st. Only on the online Apple Store.

Come back to the online Apple Store on Friday, December 1st for a special one-day only shopping event where you will find dozens of great gift ideas.

Mark your Google Calendar now. Until then, start your research by visiting the online Apple Store Christmas Gift Guide to find Mac and iPod gifts for everyone on your Christmas List, after all who wants a Walkman or, worse, Microsoft's Zune? An iPod Shuffle is on my Wish List.

Tuesday 28 November 2006

The Sound Of Christmas

A Whole New World of Entertainment is the UK's leading provider of downloadable spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming.

Audible has over 11,000 titles to choose from 400 content partners, including leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers.

Because there's no CD or cassette, Audible offer customers great audio content at prices well below the high street equivalent. All Audible titles are at least 30% off the high street RRP.

Customers can listen to Audible's titles and programmes either on a PC or Mac, iPod, hard-drive MP3 players, smartphones, PDAs, car navigation systems; in all over 220 different device types and models. You can even make a CD copy of your audio.

Monday 27 November 2006

Cyber Monday

Yesterday's Sunday Times Business section featured an article on Cyber Monday! The term Cyber Monday refers to the Monday immediately following Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving and the ceremonial kick-off of the holiday online shopping season.

Similar to Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year when retail stores often offer significant discounts, Cyber Monday has in recent years become a busy day for online retailers, and one in which online stores offer similarly low prices and promotions. It has gained cache since the 2005 holiday season.

Unlike bricks-and-mortar, my online stores are open 24/7:

Disney Shop
Doctor Who Shop
PlayStation Shop
Wii Shop
Xbox 360 Shop

Looking for The Legend of Zelda merchandise? Here's Link!

Friday 24 November 2006

Black Friday

A belated happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is historically one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year. Many consider it the "official" beginning to the holiday season. Most retailers will open very early and usually provide massive discounts on their products.

Although Black Friday is typically the busiest shopping day of the year in terms of customer traffic, it is not typically the day with the highest sales volume. That is usually either Christmas Eve, the last Saturday before Christmas, or December 26th Boxing Day.

Happy bargain hunting and be sure to return on Cyber Monday!

Wednesday 22 November 2006

Wii A Minute's initial allocation of Nintendo Wii consoles sold-out within seven minutes yesterday!

The scheduled 9:00AM (GMT) start was delayed until 9:38AM (GMT) due to the sheer number of site visitors (all hitting browser refresh or using a clever Firefox extension). This unprecedented event has garnered considerable global press and television coverage.

"We expected a high number of people to visit the site but the response was phenomenal," said James Schall, videogame manager for Amazon UK. "It's the fastest-selling pre-order item we have ever encountered - even eclipsing Harry Potter and Coldplay."

I'd like to thank all my readers who purchased a Wii console, games and accessories via my associate links. Your support is very much appreciated and, most importantly, at no additional cost to yourself!

Tuesday 21 November 2006

(There's No Place Like) Hyrule For The Holidays

Following last evening's online chat with Gedeon Maheux, one of The Iconfactory's principle pixel pushers, I was more determined than ever to procure a Nintendo Wii!

Against the odds and following the somewhat predictable disappointment (there was no way they could've fulfilled 9000+ pre-orders due to allocation shortages). This morning I managed to secure a Wii pre-order from!

Pre-ordering went live at, about, 9:40AM (GMT) and lasted for mere minutes, with some customers reaching Amazon's place order now page too late (according to various forums)!

Roll on December and some serious holiday time spent in Hyrule.

Monday 20 November 2006

Nine To Five (9 to 5)

With its innovative motion-sensing controller and family-fun orientated games, Nintendo's Wii console will revolutionise how we play. You can pre-order yours at from tomorrow, November 21, during business hours (9am - 5pm GMT). will stop taking pre-orders once they've pre-sold all the consoles Nintendo have allocated to them for release day. Order early to avoid disappointment!

Thursday 16 November 2006

PlayStation Shop

In anticipation of the North American release of the PS3, I've launched a dedicated shop for all things PlayStation!

PlayStation Shop UK

PlayStation Shop USA

Buy hardware, software and accessories under one roof and be assured of excellent order fulfilment (provided by Amazon).

Christmas is less than six weeks away! Happy holiday shopping and please bookmark.

Tuesday 14 November 2006

Wii Shop

With the imminent release of Nintendo's Wii, I'm launching a store dedicated to a console revolution:

Wii Shop UK

Wii Shop USA

Buy hardware, software and accessories under one roof and be assured of excellent order fulfilment (provided by Amazon).

Get your Wii-orders in early!

Sunday 12 November 2006

Wii-Order with

Finally has announced the pre-order date for Nintendo's Wii! Mark Tuesday, November 21st, 2006 in you calendar! Stocks are limited therefore it's first come, first served.

Unlike, will cease taking pre-orders once its pre-Christmas allocation has sold-out!

The line starts here! Wrap up warm and bring plenty of hot mocha!

Thursday 9 November 2006

Meet & Greet

Last evening I received a telephone call from Sony BMG Music UK! I've won tickets to see Beyoncé, in concert, later this month at an exclusive BBC event! What an amazing pre-holiday surprise!

Don't ever recall winning a competition before, and am therefore, if you'll excuse the informality, stoked! I've been a fan of Beyoncé since 1999 when I saw Destiny's Child perform, seminal song, Say My Name on MTV.

Hmm, wonder what future Sony swag is in-store for consumers following the release of the P!nk co-branded PSP? One endorsed by Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez? Yum, yum!

Friday 3 November 2006

Super Mario 64 DS

Stuck for holiday gift ideas? Then checkout my latest listing on eBay!

Nintendo's critically-acclaimed Super Mario 64 DS.

Super Mario 64 was a genre-defining classic. Now it arrives on the Nintendo DS with all-new features that take advantage of the new portable system's dual screens, touch screen and wireless features! Mario, Luigi and Wario are invited to a royal party for Princess Peach. When they arrive at the castle, it is strangely empty and the 3 of them try to learn what happened. When they disappear too, Yoshi must rescue them from their old enemy Bowser.

*Play as Yoshi, Mario, Luigi or Wario -- each has their own unique abilities and you'll need them all

*Collect the 150 Power Star Bowser hid on the castle grounds

*In Adventure Mode, you'll control the four friends by using the stylus on the touch-screen

*Play and win fun touch-sensitive mini-games

*Battle up to three friends in Wireless Versus mode, which can be played with only one Super Mario 64 DS game card

Remember to subscribe to my newly relaunched eBay Feed!

Wednesday 1 November 2006

Media Manager for PSP®

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Announces a Content Organiser for PSP

London, 1 November 2006 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced the launch of Media Manager for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) allowing users to easily transfer, share and manage their PSP content with their Personal Computer (PC).

Developed by Sony Media Software, the new Media Manager for PSP will enable users to transfer video, photos, documents, podcasts and music to and from the PSP system using the simple drag-and-drop method. Users will be able to simultaneously transfer multiple items from their PC to their PSP system and a media previewing function will also assist in the easy flow of content to and from the PSP system.

Media Manager for PSP will support a vast majority of file formats (see Notes to Editors) and will automatically convert files to allow users to easily view or listen to a massive library of content that is available to the PSP community. Along with simple management of content, users will also be able to transfer Internet Explorer favourites to their PSP system plus easily backup games saves and move game saves between Memory Stick Duo™.

''We are delighted to launch Media Manager for PSP in Europe. Media Manager adds a great deal to the everyday running of the PSP system and ensures that it will remain the ultimate entertainment companion for all present and future PSP users’’ said Stephane Hareau, PSP Senior Brand Manager for SCEE. ‘’Consumers will now be able to organise and manage non-game content like videos, music, photos and much more on their PSP with the utmost ease’’

Media Manager for PSP will be available to download for €9.99 (£7.99) from the 3rd of November (details at and boxed in store for €19.99 (£14.99) from the 8th of November. Vouchers to download Media Manager for PSP will be included with specific PSP bundles.