Tuesday 28 November 2006

The Sound Of Christmas

A Whole New World of Entertainment

Audible.co.uk is the UK's leading provider of downloadable spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming.

Audible has over 11,000 titles to choose from 400 content partners, including leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers.

Because there's no CD or cassette, Audible offer customers great audio content at prices well below the high street equivalent. All Audible titles are at least 30% off the high street RRP.

Customers can listen to Audible's titles and programmes either on a PC or Mac, iPod, hard-drive MP3 players, smartphones, PDAs, car navigation systems; in all over 220 different device types and models. You can even make a CD copy of your audio.

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