Tuesday 27 November 2007

Déjà Wii

E-tailer Amazon has sold 1,400 Nintendo Wii consoles in just 10 minutes after it received a delivery of the hard-to-find system yesterday, Cyber Monday!

Following last week's news that HMV sold its stock in 34 minutes, the build-up to Christmas has seen orders increase even more, with Amazon the latest firm to see demand far outstrip supply.

Such is the demand for the console that a report in trade paper MCV suggests Wii consoles have been changing hands for as much as £300 on eBay, with some high street retailers forcing customers to buy any machines they have left as part of an expensive games bundle.

Third-party resellers on Amazon are charging anywhere from £299.99 to £500 for a Wii. And Sony's PS3 60GB model commands £499.99 to £1500 now that the machine is sold out at retail!

Monday 26 November 2007

War Games

I have it on excellent authority that Games for Windows titles should run perfectly under the aegis of Boot Camp!

As discussed previously. Now that Boot Camp has graduated from beta, there's really no need to wait for third-party developers, such as Aspyr or MacSoft, to port AAA titles to our OS platform of choice.

Instant gaming gratification guaranteed!

Canny Cyber Monday shoppers maybe lucky enough to buy an elusive Wii today!

Friday 23 November 2007

Published by USA Today

I'm most flattered to learn that my post, Vanquishing Vista, has been republished by USATODAY.com (direct link).

This wouldn't have been made possible without being a BlogBurst member, and I implore readers, who also blog, to at least consider, if they haven't already done so, the opportunities open to them via social networking, at local, national and international level.

Reading Maury McCown's announcement that RailHEAD Design is no more, reminded me that I've neglected my portfolio site (founded June 15th 2001) since February!

The site was originally conceived to promote my skills and support job applications (don't assume that every prospective employer will bother to look at your site, no matter how easy it is to click a hyper link). However, it soon developed its own identity and became a springboard for affiliate marketing, graphic design, editorial, social networking and so on...

Whilst my portfolio site could never hope to garner the, deserved, success of RailHEAD Design, I've been proud to maintain it, exchange links with best-of-class Mac-related sites such as The Iconfactory, and humbled to read every e-mail inquiry. Like Maury, I've now taken the decision to no longer update the site. It won't be deleted.

The saga of Generation Star Wars has only just begun...

Thursday 22 November 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

A quick, and last minute, post to wish all my US readers a very, very, Happy Thanksgiving, free from the trammels of materialism. Hope you're well-rested for Black Friday!

As with last year, the Nintendo Wii is in short supply on both sides of the Atlantic! Prices are skyrocketing and Link's Crossbow Training (inc. Wii Zapper) is being released in time for the holidays!

The Wii Zapper has Star Wars prop written all over it, and will be many gamers weapon of choice for blasting hapless Imperial Stormtroopers come Christmas!

Happy Birthday Scarlett Johansson!

Tuesday 20 November 2007

Christmas on Exeter Street

If it wasn't enough that Exeter, my birthplace, garnered pride of place on Monopoly Here and Now UK Edition! Apple has finally announced that the Apple Store, Princesshay, opens on Saturday November 24th!

Here's the official announcement:

Come to the new Apple Store, Princesshay, and bring your curiosity. It's the place to test-drive any Mac or iPod, experience iPhone, and catch free workshops for all the latest Mac tips and tricks. When you get there, find our Concierge in the blue shirt. They're your guide to everything, from checking in for an appointment to instant checkout. This Saturday, you can enter our Grand Opening Sweepstakes* to win a Mac and loads of accessories to go with it. And if you're one of the first 1,000 visitors, you'll get a free Apple T-shirt.

Discover what makes the Apple Retail Store everyone's favourite neighbour.

Store Address:
24 Princesshay,

Telephone number: 01392 31 66 00

Sunday 18 November 2007

Get Tangled Up

A rare pleasure is receiving a review copy of a new studio album! And it doesn't get much better, in the pop genre, then a new Girls Aloud album!

Chemistry (2005), fronted by Biology (arguably one of the best pop songs ever written), was a tough conceptual act to follow. Tangled Up is pop at its most wittily inventive, feisty and fearless!

Yes, Sexy No No No never develops on its initial intoxicating premise and Call The Shots is conservative despite a glorious chorus more suited to a composition rich in daring-do. Can't Speak French and Black Jacks brings brilliance in spades and from there Tangled Up delivers a la Britney's Blackout! Edgy musical standards that the middle and upper classes can enjoy deconstructing without being overly defensive! This is no guilty pleasure.

Love music, love Girls Aloud! I'm not going to say another word!

**** out of *****

Friday 9 November 2007

iPhone Home in Princesshay

It would be most negligent of me not to mention today's European launch of the iPhone! Will I be taking one of these home tonight? No! Its superior, and newer, sibling, the iPod touch, is a far more alluring consumer product and isn't tied to a misguided and expensive O2 contract. And the diminutive charms of the new iPod nano cannot be resisted! A black iPod nano sits on my computer desk craving attention!

The enigmatic Apple Store Exeter, now securely encased in Apple's trademark black fascia, purportedly opens on Saturday November 24th in Exeter's all-new Princesshay shopping centre! Don't quote me. Perhaps I'll see you in the queue!

Thursday 1 November 2007


The Eye of Judgement could be this holiday season's ultimate electronic board game, narrowly missing the accolade this Halloween!

The Eye of Judgment sees the dawn of a new way to interact with the PLAYSTATION 3 system as an innovative game for the world of card games. Using the immense power of PLAYSTATION 3, and the ground-breaking technology of the next generation camera, players can now enjoy a totally new genre in gaming.

The Eye of Judgment presents a new style of gameplay where the player brings characters/monsters of fantasy trading cards to life for battle in 3D. Through use of a 3' x 3' board and trading cards - each encrypted with cybercode, players conquer the field by selecting a card and placing the cybercode in front of the next generation camera for their respective character to come to life and battle.

Each character has various skillsets, which will determine the outcome of the battle. Players take turns to place cards as they jostle for control of the board; the winner is the first player to capture five of the nine squares. The Eye of Judgment presents the player with more than 30 cards, as well as unique online and offline gameplay.