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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Ready. Set. Shop.

Not content with's Wii-Order Tuesday, Black Friday or even Cyber Monday? Then don't miss the Apple Store's special one-day shopping event. Friday, December 1st. Only on the online Apple Store.

Come back to the online Apple Store on Friday, December 1st for a special one-day only shopping event where you will find dozens of great gift ideas.

Mark your Google Calendar now. Until then, start your research by visiting the online Apple Store Christmas Gift Guide to find Mac and iPod gifts for everyone on your Christmas List, after all who wants a Walkman or, worse, Microsoft's Zune? An iPod Shuffle is on my Wish List.

Monday, 15 August 2005

Hidden Hawaii

What a most splendid haunted house theme park ride Lost is! The signature scene, something screaming in the jungle, was on a emotional par with the T-Rex attack from JP - nerve shattering... The 'live' jet engine on the beach... The derelict cockpit - where were the Raptors and Dilophosaurus? And isn't there an aura of Spielberg meets Chris Carter about it all?

After reading that Channel 4 has cut the UK episodes (intense scenes et al) and the cynical R2 two-part box set release (£27.99 each) due to a lucrative deal with Disney's Buena Vista. I've already ordered the R1 complete box set from CD-WOW @ £31.99 (no import duties). Hopefully to be savored post real life trauma or in the very midst of next month! If you're interested here are the delicious details:

*7 Discs
*Never-before-seen, extended uncut version of the original pilot
*Exclusive, in-depth behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the show
*Backstage with Drive Shaft all-access pass behind the music
*The art of Matthew Fox featurette
*'Before They Were Lost' original casting tapes
*Blooper reel
*Rare deleted scenes
*Multiple filmmaker audio commentaries

David LaChapelle's Lost promos have met with mixed critical reaction. The conventional US trailers pander to the needs of the lowest common denominator. As an artist (myself) accessibility has its place, but sometimes it's desirable to challenge the viewer too! Wouldn't you agree?

Sony Online Entertainment now offers Mac gamers a 'free' (credit card details required) trial of EverQuest. Having played both EverQuest and Blizzard's World of WarCraft, there's no prize for guessing which one I prefer!

Although the key pads are an acquired taste, I adore Sony Ericsson mobile phones. My trusty T-310 still elicits coos of delight from avid admirers! The new W800i Walkman™ model could be a suitable future successor.

Tuesday, 8 March 2005

No second stringer

With the triumphs of Walkman and Trinitron a distant memory, Sony has announced the appointment of Howard Stringer as CEO of the company and software that will link a PSP to a Mac and PC. This clearly demonstrates a shift in strategy and owes much to the success of Steve Jobs' resurrection of Apple and its "i" brands.

Stringer steered Sony's 'software' division for a decade and will now focus on better integration with hardware in his new role or at least that should be his focus. A new range of cool looking Network Walkman's were revealed today. Yet iTunes and iPod (in all its incarnations) is still an unbeatable combination.

Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Connect Four

The European release of Sony PSP will be supported by a new download service. The PlayStation-branded download platform will initially be used as a marketing tool to offer PSP users free additional game levels and upgrades. Music and movies will follow. I'm wondering if the service will be a retooled Connect? Connect has yet to emerge from the shadow of iTMS and iPod. The latter has displaced the Walkman and forced Sony to repackage existing hardware and software (VAIO Pocket Music Player) to very limited success.

Universal Media Disc (UMD) leads the HDD and Memory Stick Duo technological triumvirate. Whether or not consumers have an appetite for yet another optical format remains to be seen.

Sony has already confirmed that a browser, email client, word processor and spreadsheet update is in development for PSP. These applications were withheld from last month's Japanese release and may debut with the US and European launch. The XMB GUI looks intuitive and owes a stylistic debt to Mac OS X Aqua.

Whilst Apple and Sony are commercial competitors an alliance has been forged concerning high-definition DVD. Following the enigmatic appearance of Sony President Kunitake Ando, at Macworld, industry observers speculate that there maybe more going on than meets the eye!

After an exhaustive search on various forums, I've decided to order Sony's small wonder (it can serve as an external USB HDD/portable media centre and automounts on Mac OS X). And, as a fan of Capcom, I'm eager for a slice of Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (incorporating characters from Darkstalkers and Vampire Savior arcade franchises).

Monday, 9 August 2004

Verily Vuitton

Japanese consumer culture has embraced the iPod mini as an icon of urban style! Sony's Walkman brand has been usurped, according to Tokyo's fashionistas, by Apple Computer.

Thursday, 24 June 2004

When The Stars Go Blue

Last Sunday's episode of Alias saw Emmy-winner Ricky Gervais (The Office) cameo as a bomb expert! The episode was followed by a 'making of' feature. It was genuinely amusing watching Gervais 'crack up' every time 'action' was called. This brought to mind many a Media Studies project whereby my friend Mike and me would attempt to record to camera and the inevitable hysteria would ensue! Resorting to listening to a Walkman (behind the camera) did little to resolve the issue. Great memories.

Tuesday, 22 June 2004

Tom's Diner

Today is new music Tuesday at iTunes Music Store, and it'll be neat to view the latest editions. One of the strengths of the store (and to the chagrin of record labels) is a la carte purchasing! The ability to select individuals songs by artists (not all) is a masterstroke. There are a multitude of songs that I've wanted to add to my collection for years, for example Suzanne Vega & DNA's Tom's Diner and Paula Cole's Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? Now I can.

Audible's audiobooks are easily overlooked in favour of music (and videos). Hopefully it won't be too long before Steven Fry's Harry Potter readings are added!

Audiophiles continue to debate the sonic merits of MPEG-4 AAC (Advanced Audio Coding licensed from Dolby) encoded music, which is favoured by iTMS. However, within a portable playback environment 'studio sound' is not a prerequisite. After extensive monitoring sessions (on Mac and iPod), I'm impressed with the quality versus low bandwidth trade-off.

Now that my iPod is fully operational again, I'll be investing in a pair of Sennheiser PMX60 streetwear headphones to replace my ageing Sony ear buds (purchased with my Super Walkman in 1991). The sound-stage lacked space and dynamic range!