Wednesday 3 July 2024

LEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Transformers, LEGO Group and Hasbro have announced LEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee.

Known as B-127 on his home planet Cybertron, Bumblebee is often considered the "little brother" of the heroic Autobots. He may be small, but his courage and determination are immeasurable.

Maintaining the same scale as the LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime set, originally revealed in 2022, this set presents enthusiasts with the opportunity to construct the iconic Autobot, Bumblebee, entirely from LEGO bricks.

As longtime readers know, I've been a Transformers fan since 1984. The war between the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons captured my childhood imagination in Marvel UK's comic. Bumblebee was one of the very first Transformers I owned and the beloved Autobot stood sentry, alongside his leader Optimus Prime, in my childhood bedroom.

LEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee is available from LEGO AU, CA, UK and US (affiliate links).

Will you be adding LEGO Icons Transformers Bumblebee to your collection? Which Transformers would you like to see immortalised in LEGO bricks? I'm hoping for Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons. Let me know in the comments below.

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