Monday 21 January 2008

Link Love

My BlogRoll, despite resistance, had link detritus surgically removed at the weekend! And I'd like to introduce you to these very cool bloggers:

Christina Warren who does both Mac and PC!
Christina was on the “Coaches” panel for USA Today’s American Idol coverage and wrote about the show weekly online and for the print edition of the paper. She's also a blogger for and And co-hosts a videocast - the Squadcast, for Download Squad.

Danie Ware in her own words...
I'm a professional on- and off-line Marketeer for Forbidden Planet London as well as being a Mum, a keen cyclist and weight-trainer, an old school geek, a bit of a longhair and a social media convert. This is my professional and personal thoughts, stream-of-consciousness style.

Danie continues to ascribe me with a misbegotten 'allegiance' to another company, which goes by a similar name! I have assured her, on various occasions, that Forbidden Planet London rules, and my blog awaits sponsorship!

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