Monday 7 January 2008

Tosh to Warner Bros.

As expected, Toshiba has issued a terse statement in response to Warner Bros.' exclusive backing of all-things Blu:

"Toshiba is quite surprised by Warner Bros.' decision to abandon HD DVD in favour of Blu-ray, despite the fact that there are various contracts in place between our companies concerning the support of HD DVD. As central members of the DVD Forum, we have long maintained a close partnership with Warner Bros. We worked closely together to help standardise the first-generation DVD format as well as to define and shape HD DVD as its next-generation successor.

We were particularly disappointed that this decision was made in spite of the significant momentum HD DVD has gained in the US market as well as other regions in 2007. HD DVD players and PCs have outsold Blu-ray in the US market in 2007.

We will assess the potential impact of this announcement with the other HD DVD partner companies and evaluate potential next steps. We remain firm in our belief that HD DVD is the format best suited to the wants and needs of the consumer."

It makes for predictable reading! Toshiba has a vested interest in HD DVD winning the next generation HD optical disc format war! You may have noticed the omission of Europe from Toshiba's statement! Blu-ray is the dominant format over here! It maybe worth mentioning that many Blu-ray discs are multi-region, making import of these titles easier - I was able to import Blade Runner (5-disc Ultimate Collector's Edition) for as little as £19.99. How can Toshiba stop Sony's PS3 Trojan Horse now?

Will other studios make similar announcements during this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES)? Universal should announce Heroes on Blu-ray! Toshiba's shareholders must be quite uncomfortable!

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