Wednesday 14 December 2005

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Readers with vision impairment and/or whom would like to 'listen' to RSS feeds can subscribe to text-to-speech recitals here. I'll add a permanent link soon.

My Nintendo DS arrived on Monday and, although it's a holiday gift, I had to charge the internal battery and play test Mario Kart DS! I mean, imagine if it wasn't working on Christmas day? The DS is a joy to use and the must-have list of games includes Castlevania DS and Resident Evil Deadly Silence (DS get it?). The second screen sports a couple of dead pixels, which Nintendo is happy to repair or replace the unit at their discretion.

The Toys R Us exclusive 12" R/C Assault Dalek (with Claw) was delivered to the door in a very large box. I'm going to need to put this into hire storage when not 'terrorizing' our beloved cat Leo (obviously joking). The Dalek looks and sounds fantastic and my packaging fetish is satisfied too.

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