Friday 21 April 2006

The Frog Prince

During yesterday's train journey (upgraded to First Class for free) to London Waterloo, I read, with great interest, that Michael Jackson is to begin work on his comeback album (wasn't that Invincible?) with Crazy Frog producer Guy Holmes (Gut Records)!

This news shouldn't honor a response. However, sans a new Sony deal, MJ, once the quintessential performer, can only 'afford' to compromise! So, there'll be no block booking studios, such as the legendary Ocean Way, for weeks at a time a la the Dangerous recording sessions. There's light at the end of the tunnel; it's amazing what one can do with a computer these days and low cost software!

Presumably any settlement with Sony would include all unreleased recordings made whilst under contract to Epic. I'd love to see Sony release an album solely from this ground-breaking era.

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