Wednesday 7 February 2007

Star Tunes

I have no qualms about the fact that I am a self-confessed geek!

I'd rather read graphic novels, draw, Photoshop, pore over lines of XML and HTML code, write about Apple Inc, and I adore the genres of science fiction, horror and urban gothic (amongst others). If there was ever a bona fide candidate for that dubious, and exploitative, television series Beauty & the Geek, that would be me (See my photo - aged 11 outside Doctor Who's Tardis at Longleat. Frankly I was in heaven).

The latest (and last for the moment) member of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Enterprise, is now available in the iTunes Store (USA). Presently only the first season is available, but further seasons will arrive in due course.

Episodes are priced at the standard $1.99 and you can get the entire season for $48.99, which is quite competitive considering the DVD box set of the first season is going for $112 on Amazon (though, to be fair the DVD set includes some special features, higher quality picture and 5.1 audio).

Here's hoping Deep Space 9, Voyager and The Next Generation show up on iTunes in the near future. Of course none of these shows could hold a candle against Babylon 5!

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