Wednesday 27 January 2010

Apple introduces iPad: Kindle killer!

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad, a tablet-based device, before an adoring audience, during Apple's media event. Apple's nomenclature is ripe for lampooning on The Big Bang Theory. Just saying.

iPad is ostensibly an uber iPod touch or iPhone on steroids. Imagine not only playing video games, tweeting or composing emails, but sketching and reading Marvel comics downloaded from the App Store? I can't wait to view Transformers: Classics (iTunes link) on the device!

iPad. iFad?
Apple is a purveyor of disruptive technology. iPad is a game-changer and may witness the demise of Amazon's Kindle and conquer the niche netbook market. iBooks (remember the iBook?) and App Store could prove persuasive once the former is available outside the US. And, unlike the MacBook Air, which is an expensive paperweight, the iPad is going to be a worthwhile investment.

Looks like my iPod touch (2G) is going up for sale on eBay if rumours of an international March launch are true. I'll eschew the iPad 3G, expected in April, and use MiFi...

One person who aims to be first in line to purchase one is self-proclaimed Apple fanboy, Twitter celebrity and actor Stephen Fry.

"People will look at it and say it's a big iPhone that took Alice in Wonderland's magic potion but it is so much more than that. It's a mobile device, a communications device, a gaming device.

"I am in love with it and am drooling in anticipation at being able to buy one. I want to fondle it and lick it. In fact I am going to run away with it now,"
joked Mr Fry.

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