Friday, 23 July 2010

Jedi Junkies

Jedi Junkies, produced and directed by Mark Edlitz, is a one-of-a-kind, feature film about the world’s most dedicated Star Wars fans.

From lightsaber wielding martial arts academies to a filmmaker who built the world’s only life-size Millennium Falcon, from a Monster Garage-esque sculptor whose professional livelihood is building custom lightsabers to metal-bikini wearing dancers who embody Slave Leia, the film offers viewers a rare glimpse into rabid fans’ personal and professional self expression that borders on obsession.

The film also gives viewers the perspective of celebrity insiders including G4’s Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn, Phantom Menace actor Ray Park (Darth Maul), Celebrity Fit Club's Dr. Linda Papodopolis and Blair Witch Project director Ed Sanchez.

See what the critics are saying about Jedi Junkies:

Digital Movie Reviews
"Even modest Star Wars fans will enjoy this documentary. The folks profiled here are extreme in many ways, but they’re also very entertaining. You’ll marvel at them, either out of admiration or out of disbelief."

Clive Young, Author, "Homemade Hollywood"
"Check it out. If you’re a Star Wars fan, or just like gazing at Olivia Munn — you’ll dig Jedi Junkies."

Jedi Junkies is now available to rent or buy on iTunes and Amazon.

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