Thursday 15 March 2012

Will new Apple TV Roku the boat?

Aside from announcing a new iPad supporting Retina display. The Cupertino-based company unveiled a refreshed Apple TV with 1080p support, alongside Software 5.0 (available for the existing model) and iCloud integration.

It won't sway me to make an instant purchase; PS3, Xbox 360 and a Sony Blu-ray disc player with BRAVIA Internet Video has me covered for catchup TV; Apple TV would be an indulgence for this tech enthusiast. Plus Roku's range of set top boxes still has the edge with regards to third-party support for now.

The new Apple TV is priced at £99, the same as its predecessor.

Are any of you planning on upgrading or buying an Apple TV for the first time with this release? Please let me know in comments.


  1. I don't think I will be upgrading as my TV only supports 720p, but I do enjoy using the AppleTV. For me it is the ability to link up iDevices ... mainly:

    Stream recent iPhone photos and videos of the kids to the TV when the Grandparents are wanting to view "prints"

    Stream my ripped DVD's/BluRay library from iTunes to the TV

    Rent the latest movie releases instantly

    Watch Netflix

    Control the TV with iPhone or iPad and stream music or mirror the iPad screen to the TV when playing games or video conferencing

    Control all computers in the house with "different" fully loaded iTunes libraries.

    Listen to internet radio and podcasts that I subscribe to.

    If you have iDevices then the AppleTV is a must I think!

    1. Finally jumped onto Apple TV now it supports 4K with HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos!

  2. Yes, I just received my new Apple TV in the mail and I'm looking forward to finally being able to watch the 1080p versions of LOTR and Kill Bill I've had for ages. I'm so excited!

  3. I was just having a look at that on the Apple Store.

    I still for the life of me can't think of any reason why I would want one of these (and you know me, I can find a reason for buying almost ANY Apple product.)

    Obviously it comes down to the fact that I just haven't got into buying content online to stream or download. (Seriously, don't people end up hitting their broadband monthly usage limits in about two days?!)

    But even if I did, I'd happily watch downloaded/streamed content on the iMac as I do already with my EyeTV tuner. So I keep looking at the Apple TV, yearning for it to appeal or make sense to me, but ... completely failing, I'm afraid.

    Looks nice and shiny though.

    1. Only those with Broadband limits have to worry about such things :-) The thing is, on-line content isn't going away, it is going to get ever more prevalent. Even media-based games are going to go the way of the DoDo.

    2. There are rumours percolating that the next generation Xbox will jettison physical media in favour of the Games Marketplace! Microsoft wants a big slice of the very lucrative App Store pie!

  4. I still have my Apple TV original issue, and it gets very little use. To me, it was just like a mains powered iPod and not a lot more! Successive updates have given it a bit more functionality but thats it.

    So I skipped the Apple TV version number two as I simply could not find a practical use for it, although it is quite a bit more functional. I never buy video content from iTunes, not when there is Sky, BBC iPlayer and the other UK terrestrial players, and then there is Netflix and LoveFilm (I subscribe to the former only).

    But I have to say, with full 1080p capability and the high degree of functionality that is now embedded in the Apple TV, particularly for those in an iHouse (like me), it all begins to make a lot of sense. Integrating with iPhone, iPad and iTunes in the house make the latest Apple TV a compelling proposition.

    I had looked at other devices, such as Roku. But these all seem to be nearly there, although lacking the look and feel of belonging to a much larger ecosystem. Apple TV provides just that and in a very coherent manner.

    I suspect that in the next few weeks I will be paying Apple a visit at their Bluewater store

  5. Oh well, it didn't take a few weeks. On Saturday I found myself with a few hours of idleness to fill and so I nipped over to Bluewater and picked up a 3rd generation Apple TV. My it is small compared to the 1st gen unit it replaced.

    Set up is simple enough, just work through physical connections, wireless LAN, AirPlay and Home Sharing in iTunes. I also had to sign in to Netflix using the built-in client in the Apple TV.

    On a 52" plasma the 1080p HDMI is very apparent, crystal clear and no problems with image or sound.

    I use AirPlay from my iPad, it worked with everything I tried, including Netflix from the iPad. I also did similar with my iPhone 4, slide shows from my photo albums with audio were a treat. It is so very simple to literally chuck these images up on the big screen in seconds of walking into the room. I like this a lot.

    I'm sure there is much about Apple TV in its latest version that I have not yet discovered. I will will not be buying content from Apple, but I have lots of Digital Copy content on the hard drive that I can use here.

    The price of £99 is not a big one to pay considering what is being delivered.


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