Saturday 14 April 2012

Star Wars IS art

In the Hoth seat. I've been asked to assist with lesson plans for a primary school in Essex! Star Wars is this term's theme from which lessons - traversing literacy, maths, music, art and drama - will be derived.

In view of my lifelong passion for art and Star Wars. This June I'll be undertaking an art of Star Wars class and have contacted various Lucasfilm artists for firsthand insights to share with the students.

Matt Busch (You Can Draw Star Wars) kindly shared the following anecdote:

"Star Wars IS art. In every sense of the word. As a kid, Star Wars really changed my life, and I attribute that to the world of Star Wars being this multi-faceted art project. Art has many facets beyond just drawing and paint. Music, books, movies are art-forms like anything else, and Star Wars seems to conquer all of them at the same time.

"When you watch one of the films and get a dose of the Star Wars experience, you're enjoying not just an artistic film, but an incredibly creative story, well-designed characters and environments that are out-of-this-world, all set to one of the most iconic music soundtracks every recorded. So I'll say it again. Star Wars IS art."

Social media can play an integral part in the success of a project such as this! Within minutes tweets can be replied to (or ignored) and connections made that have a profound effect on the outcome.

Currently, I'm sourcing LEGO Star Wars donations, which will be used at the primary school on an ongoing basis and have reached out to LEGO, itself, for help.

Going forward. I'll be corresponding with local media outlets in the hope that they will be interested in covering this story, and updating this blog with further developments.

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