Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A long time ago in Disneyland...

George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm to Disney, for a cool $4.05 billion dollars, with the promise of a new Star Wars trilogy, set after Return of the Jedi, to begin in 2015. Place your bets on who will direct Episode VII. I'm backing JJ Abrams.

This is an unprecedented move for a studio that owns PIXAR (founded at Lucasfilm) and Marvel! However, the Mouse House has struggled to establish its own successful sci-fi IP: Mars Needs Moms and John Carter have fallen short of commercial expectations and lost Disney millions of dollars in the process.

What implications (if any) does this have for Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars titles? Marvel was instrumental in the success of Star Wars in 1977 and I'd be surprised if the franchise doesn't return to the fold with immediate effect.

In the wake of Avengers Assemble. Will we see Avengers vs. Jedi (AvJ)?