Friday 24 May 2013

The Return of Return of the Jedi

This weekend is the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi - marking the end of the original Star Wars trilogy - in the US!

It only seems a short while ago I was playing with action figures, vehicles and accessories, whilst listening to John Williams soundtrack album, prior to seeing the movie when it arrived in UK theatres in July (my dad's birthday was hijacked by teddy bears riding speeder bikes)...

To mark this momentous milestone, Entertainment Weekly approached filmmaker Kyle Newman (Fanboys). The result is The Return of Return of the Jedi: 30 Years and Counting, which shows elite geeks — among them Kevin Smith, Seth Green, Chris Hardwick, Jaime King, Topher Grace, Fall Out Boy, Eli Roth, and Jason Mewes — revisiting the movie in which tribal Teddy Ruxpins put down an Imperial invasion force with rocks, logs, and other Gilligan’s Island-esque props. Who saw that coming?

You can watch the video here.

It's only fitting I saw JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, which reprises a famous scene from Jedi, yesterday. How meta.

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