Tuesday 10 September 2013

Virgin Media pilots Netflix on TiVo

This week Virgin Media will invite 40,000 customers to trial the Netflix app prior to a full rollout of the streaming service on TiVo. Customers will need to sign-in or sign-up to Netflix.

Netflix is available on multiple platforms including PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS. The device limit is generous unlike competitors such as LOVEFiLM Instant or NOW TV.

Virgin Media already offers access to YouTube through TiVo, and has expressed an interest in bringing the Amazon-owned LOVEFiLM Instant to the set-top-box too.

Since Virgin Media was bought by Liberty Global there has been a sea change: a willingness to partner with competitors in a fickle market dictated by savvy consumers.

Bill Holmes, global head of business development, Netflix, said, "The U.K. has given Netflix a fantastic welcome and we're excited to be partnering with Virgin Media to bring an amazing Netflix experience to Virgin Media customers."

Going forward. Virgin Media offering a Netflix subscription, as part of a broadband bundle, would be a compelling added-value and no-brainer. For example I didn't hesitate to subscribe to Amazon Prime + LOVEFiLM Instant (saving money in the process) a few months ago.

Looks like TiVo owners get a chance to enjoy House of Cards and more...

Wonder what Andrew Lewin (my occasional blogging partner in crime) makes of this latest development?

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