Sunday 18 January 2015

Netflix renews deal to stream Doctor Who in the US

Following suggestions, not for the first time, Netflix and the BBC were parting ways, at the end of January, in the US. The streaming service has confirmed, to trade paper Variety, that popular time-travelling series Doctor Who and many more are staying for the foreseeable future.

Some Doctor Who fans had gone as far as setting up an online petition, which illustrates the transient nature of streaming services. Consumers are cancelling and flip-flopping between competing services to binge-view old favorites.

The renewed deal includes Classic Doctor Who, Seasons 1-7 of the current run and Torchwood spin-off.

There's no word on whether or not Classic Doctor Who will return to Netflix in the UK. I sincerely hope so. Especially as I don't own every DVD release. The Dominators, cough.

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