Sunday 5 June 2016


A roundup of DC Comics' small screen adventures:

The season finales of Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow were... disappointing. The former has been patchy and (mostly) directionless since season 2. The latter has been inconsistent, but it's had a fair share of memorable moments too. At this point I'm watching out of (misplaced) loyalty and in the hope of crossovers with The Flash...

The Flash and Supergirl show the most potential going forward with a healthy dose of comedy and drama. The Flash exceeds everything else in the genre space: from Earth-2 to THAT finale - the charismatic cast have had a blast mixing it up with their doppelgängers - even if casual viewers could be alienated by the complex continuity. The Flash crossed over to Supergirl with the promise of things to come as the series moves to The CW.

In a year without a new Doctor Who series, the DC Universe (DCU) is serving up a timey-wimey masterclass. If the 'Flashpoint Paradox' rumours are true, then all four series could become unmissable as an alternate timeline unravels in the wake of Barry Allen's actions.

May the speed force be with you. Always.

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