Thursday 12 January 2023

Titanic returns to the big screen in 4K 3D

As Avatar: The Way of Water continues to dominate the box office, James Cameron’s Titanic is returning to cinemas this February to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

In the years before its release, I avidly followed reports of Titanic's troubled production, which suggested Twentieth Century Fox had a box office disaster comparable to Cleopatra. As the budget ballooned, Paramount Pictures stepped in to distribute the movie in the US.

At the time of Titanic’s original release in the UK, I wrote that the film had transcended my (admittedly) low expectations in the wake of a preview screening on my birthday.

In a sold-out Odeon Exeter Screen 1, I got swept away by this sepia-toned ghost story based on an infamous real-life tragedy. Nothing could've prepared the audience for the audacious spectacle and sheer grandeur that leapt from the great expanse of widescreen before us.

Cameron is indeed a master magician of montage and emotion. His craft would be further honed for Avatar.

The self-proclaimed king of the world had come of age with his Oscar-winning epic romance, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, underscored by composer James Horner’s haunting orchestrations - filled with Easter Eggs from an illustrious career cut too soon. Incidentally, I owned the original soundtrack on CD and MiniDisc. Now I can stream alternate versions on Apple Music, how times and technology have changed.

Ultimately, Titanic conquered the box office and was the first film to reach a billion dollars. The moral of the story is to never bet against Cameron.

Like Avatar, Titanic has been remastered in 4K 3D. However, I'll wait to see it on Disney+. It will be available on Paramount+ in the US.

What are your memories of watching Titanic? Let me know in the comments below.

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