Monday 21 August 2023

Star Wars adventures in Unofficial Galaxies

Back from a fantastic fortnight holiday visiting family in East Anglia.

During a much-needed break, we got to see the Unofficial Galaxies Star Wars exhibition at Peterborough Cathedral. This is the first Star Wars-related event I've attended since Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016. Dad wielding a lightsaber was a highlight.

Among the 121 exhibits, including original props and vintage toys, is a full-size Landspeeder from Star Wars: A New Hope purchased from London's Elstree Studios.

The highly-prized Palitoy Death Star evoked a bittersweet Christmas memory when Santa made a mixup and left Star Bird Command Base under the tree.

Special thanks to the volunteers who made us feel so welcome and part of an amazing community of fans.

Always excited for more Star Wars! I can’t wait to watch the first two episodes of Ahsoka exclusively on Disney+ on Wednesday!

The Unofficial Galaxies exhibition is open to the public from mid-July to 29th August.

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