Sunday 1 October 2023

Doctor Who: Unleashed

Doctor Who Confidential was a fan-favourite behind-the-scenes series running for 6 seasons (2005 - 2011) on BBC Three. Doctor Who fans (myself included) tried to reverse its controversial cancellation (a cost-cutting measure by the BBC) with an online petition.

Fast forward to 2023.

Doctor Who: Unleashed is a brand new 30-minute factual entertainment series giving viewers an unmissable insight into the world of the beloved long-running sci-fi series.

Russell T Davies, Doctor Who showrunner says:

“Over the years, I meet so many people who were inspired to find careers in TV, because of the behind-the-scenes material the BBC would show. And now it’s back, in the grand old tradition of Doctor Who Confidential, but in a brand new form, Unleashed! So a whole new generation – and faithful fans of old – can see what the stars and the crew get up to behind the cameras.”

With the return of Davies as series showrunner, Doctor Who: Unleashed on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer fills a timey-wimey void vacated by Doctor Who Confidential.

Steffan Powell, host of Doctor Who: Unleashed says:

“When you’re told Russell T Davies is asking for you to present a show, you say, ‘when does he want me?’ Doesn’t matter, I’ll be there… There’s a really fun and fascinating group of people bringing Doctor Who to life - I can’t wait for the audience to meet them. I’m so chuffed to have been trusted to help tell, in all its glory, the story of what goes into making the magic happen.”

Doctor Who returns for three 60th anniversary specials, starring David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble), this November on BBC One, BBC iPlayer and Disney+ outside the UK and Ireland.

Are you looking forward to Doctor Who: Unleashed? Were you a fan of Doctor Who Confidential? Let me know in the comments below.

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