Thursday 28 March 2024

Doctor Who showrunner discusses Disney+ deal

A new trailer for Doctor Who dropped amidst ongoing controversy surrounding season one's simultaneous global release on BBC iPlayer and Disney+.

Russell T Davies, returning series showrunner, has revealed why the Doctor Who/Disney+ deal was made.

“You’ve got to look in the long term at the end of the BBC, which is undoubtedly on its way in some shape or form. Is Doctor Who going to die then? No! You’ve got to prepare for that kind of stuff.

If Disney collapsed tomorrow and we had to go back to making Doctor Who on a normal BBC budget, you know what? We’d all rally round and make it and suddenly the stories would become claustrophobic ghost stories. A lot of people would like that very much, so I’m not saying you have to have this happen. But while it’s happening elsewhere, I think it’s unfair that it doesn’t happen to Doctor Who.”

It's worth noting the excellent adaptation of His Dark Materials was a BBC co-production with HBO and produced by Bad Wolf Studios.

Doctor Who season one premieres 11th May on BBC One and BBC iPlayer and 10th May on Disney+ outside the UK and Ireland. That's so timey-wimey.

Are you looking forward to season one of Doctor Who? Let me know in the comments below.

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