Friday 21 May 2004

State of Decay

After a mammoth 12 hour download (2GB). I successfully installed World of Warcraft (for Mac OS X) late last night! And created my Rogue class character - an Undead female member of the Horde race - who goes by the monicker of DarkRyder (the Winona connection is deliberate). The anaemic character creation UI is intuitive and promises future creative scope. DarkRyder uncannily resembles a painting featured in H.R. Giger's Necronomicon replete with actress Keira Knightley's visage!

I never subscribed to Sony's EverQuest (the Mac version is no longer officially supported and lacks parity with other platforms), so the MMORPG genre is an entirely unique and novel gaming experience. First impressions of World of Warcraft are overwhelming. The beta, now at phase 2, conjures up the magic of Sonic Team's award-winning RPG series Phantasy Star Online, but on an infinitely grander scale.

Completing quests in World of Warcraft is the easiest way to level up, get money, receive trade skill recipes/components, earn equipment, and more. DarkRyder's first quest, in the decayed Tirisfal Glades (introduced in Warcraft III), is to hunt down and kill zombies...

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