Tuesday 29 June 2004

DTS Foxes Dolby

What is a global publishing company to do following the release of single and double-disc DVD editions of its movie catalogue? If you happen to be 20th Century Fox then the answer is to re-release the double-disc set with a re-mastered print that includes DTS audio!

Jurassic Park not only ushered in an era of extravagant CGI it also witnessed the arrival of DTS - Digital Theatre Sound - and Dolby discovered that its monopoly was under palpable threat. Fast-forward to now and multichannel surround sound is taken foregranted both in the theatre and home. Dolby EX and DTS ES continue to clash and, following exhaustive listening tests, I've taken the stance that DTS is 'superior' to Dolby!

The DTS soundstage (encoded at a higher sampling rate) is more spacious, dynamic and fine detail, overlooked in the Dolby mix, shines. In the case of the new DTS release of ID4, with compatible monitoring equipment, warn the neighbours before watching!

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