Saturday 12 June 2004

The Lost Boys

This morning I met up with a friend at a local coffee house (Costa). We always relish reflection over cappuccino, and the matter of school memories arose (a subject usually off limits due to personal tragedy). However, it was interesting to compare and contrast our respective ‘labels’ during those halcyon (sarcasm) days of secondary socialisation! I was a veritable imp and, when not drawing or writing, conjurer of fiendish schemes! Everyday was Halloween in disguise! Personal ghouls n’ ghosts caught up with me at College (as did academic success), but that’s another story… Run Luke, run!

After the travesty that was Batman & Robin, it was easy to overlook Joel Schumacher's cinematic canon. However, I watched The Lost Boys on five and it still captivates (my obsession with pop culture vampire mythology endures to this day). As does Star (Jami Gertz)!

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