Sunday 20 June 2004

iPod Reloaded

Ever since updating to Mac OS X 10.3 my 3G iPod has been rendered virtually inoperable! I've run the gamut of known problems from iPod/Mac freezes to data loss. In order to avoid an excessive AppleCare repair bill I embarked on a mini odyssey.

Following exhaustive searches on the internet (including Apple's Knowledge Base). I stumbled across a suggestion that encouraged installation of an earlier iteration of OS X! So, I installed 10.1.4, which is positively archaic, and hey presto! iPod mounted on the desktop (an elusive sight) and I was able to reformat and resurrect my beleaguered work of pop art!

After performing a clean install of OS X 10.3.4, and updating to the latest iPod software, everything is Funky Dory.

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