Wednesday 2 June 2004

Jurassic Park

My exploits in World of Warcraft continue! Meglos (a Darkspear Troll warrior) has ventured out into the Echo Isles off the shores of Durothar. The game designers appear to have taken inspiration from the Jurassic Park movie franchise; the lush jungle Islands are overrun with reptiles that are clearly Raptors and equally as vicious! Suffice to say that Meglos was maimed during a savage undergrowth battle! I'll need reinforcements to complete this Quest!

In the next few weeks a new Mac OS X WoW beta will be released! This will run exclusively on 10.3.4 and above! Therefore 10.2 users will have to upgrade.

BBC reports that the Buffy animated series is (almost) go! For seven seasons Buffy served-up arguably the most consistent genre show in television history. Fox's decision to continue the franchise, now that the first spin-off, Angel, has ceased production, is an intelligent move.

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