Friday 22 October 2004

Grand Theft

In an ironic twist the latest installment of the GTA franchise has been leaked onto the internet. In a move that appears to 'contradict' the publisher's 'subversive' mantra. Rockstar is vigorously protecting its intellectual property. Now if only they adopted the Marxist mantra that all property is theft! That's being subversive!

Speculation is nearing fever pitch concerning next Tuesday's music event hosted by Apple and U2. New iPod(s), iPhoto for *cough* Windows 2000 and XP, iTunes 4.x or *fingers crossed* 5 and *fingers and everything else crossed* iPod software update for all generations!

American Woman is reverberating around the walls of my home studio! The track was prominently featured in the opening credit sequence to Alias S2 episode Phase One - 45 minutes of episodic television perfection.

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