Tuesday 3 May 2005

Eye of the Tiger

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger's popularity is assured as Amazon UK's dispatch date continues to slip. So, I thought I'd let MacDevCenter describe my reasons for performing an Erase and Install AKA "clean install". Read Housecleaning Tips for Tiger and Everything You Need to Know to Install Tiger. The next fortnight should see further third party patches (and a possible 10.4.1 release).

The first revision of the iMac G5 is too compelling for words! From 512MB to built-in wireless, Apple has served-up a post Tiger treat. The ATI Radeon 9600 GPU is more aligned to the insatiable demands of gamers.

Retro arcade gamers can snap up the latest official MacMAME here. The front-end is to undergo a rewrite and may include a Spotlight plug-in.

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