Monday 2 May 2005

The Great Healer

Following the broadcast of Dalek, the BBC has confirmed that Revelation of the Daleks (1985) is set to bow on DVD this summer!

Following on from Resurrection (1984), Revelation witnesses further ideological conflict between Davros and the Dalek Supreme on a remote ice planet. Necros. The Doctor (Colin Baker) must prevent the inception of a new species of Dalek (ultimately known as the Imperial faction) and destroy their creator once and for all. However, a Dalek task force is en route.

My most vivid memory of this story is the macabre morgue where disembodied human heads were being transformed into Dalek mutants, the Davros clone, bounty hunters and a mis-cast Alexi Sayle (Radio DJ)! Not to mention my adolescent 'crush' on Peri (Nicola Bryant). The DVD will feature a restored print, new special effects and 5.1 audio mix.

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