Friday 6 April 2007

Can the Easter Bunny save Sony?

The PS3 continues to be left on UK shelves to collect dust whilst the all-conquering Wii is nowhere to be seen!

Substantial discounting, by retailers such as WH Smith (no double points for Clubcard members!), and DVD.CO.UK, has given little or no incentive for consumers to part with their hard-earned cash during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Reuters has invested its considerable journalistic might in an article that posits whether or not Sony's in a race against time? Their salient points are:
  • To succeed, the PS3 needs to hold onto third-party titles. (We may add... timed exclusives would be best)
  • The demand for HDTV's is skyrocketing -- that will hold a major advantage over, say, the Wii in the living room of the future.
  • The PS3 launch almost mirrors the PS2 launch -- initial supply troubles, lack of impressive titles, complaints about the difficulty to program for... but look at how the PS2 turned out.
  • Cut the PS3's price! (Discounting has already started in the UK)
  • Have a strong, stable series of games!
You can read the full article at Reuters. What say you dear reader? How much would you pay for a PS3? Or is Sony's third act tantamount to a rerun of Sega's 32X debacle? The best 5 posts will receive a Joost invite.

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