Wednesday 4 April 2007

Wii Rule?

I've just returned from a most welcome weekend break in London! Hopefully I'll be able to add some spectacular photos and video footage of our chartered boat trip (including evening meal) on the Thames and passing under Tower Bridge, which opened. Sightseers were as awestruck as we were during the return to an illuminated Tower Bridge in the late evening! The metropolis skyline evoked the Star Wars prequels Coruscant capital!

Reuters has 'declared' an early winner in the next generation console war! Wii!

"We've seen Nintendo expand the marketplace and grow it beyond the traditional gamer," says Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research. "They really redefined the videogame experience by creating something new and different."

That innovation is the Wii controller, a motion-sensitive wand that allows gamers to control the action onscreen by waving the device about rather than jostling a joystick and pushing buttons...

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