Tuesday 12 June 2007

Wii Stock

Nintendo fans rejoice! Wii (includes Wii Sports) are back in stock at Amazon.co.uk! Has the drought ended in time for Wimbledon?

Don't forget to pre-order Resident Evil 4 (Wii), reviews suggest that this entry, in Capcom's lauded franchise, is greatly enhanced by game engine retooling. The latest issue of games™ magazine, issue 58, features an excellent article - The Surviving Horror. This looks back at the roots of Resident Evil, its profound influence, and how next generation console technology may shape the future of the franchise. Make sure you own a Wii and a PS3 or Xbox 360!


  1. I think they're slowly coming around now. I recently saw some merchants selling Wii's online although stocks are still very limited despite the increased number of sellers who sell the item. But the good thing is there is a gradual steady supply that would meet the needs to those who don't have one yet.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if there's another Wii drought during the upcoming holiday season. However, can't wait to use the Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training pack-in!

    Thanks for dropping by.


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