Sunday 10 May 2009

Star Trek: The Touch Generation

JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot is a revelation, that has challenged my jaded expectations of a franchise that no longer seemed relevant, nor enjoyable! Abrams' and his cohorts have passed the Kobayashi Maru test: with such kinetic zeal and aplomb, it's exhausting!

The traditional revenge narrative is predicated on the notion that the future of Star Trek has been altered, irrevocably, by time-travelling Romulans led by Nero (an uncharismatic Eric Bana)! An age old deceit, which is most welcome here. We're, literally, in an undiscovered country...

JJ Abrams proved his character-driven credentials with original network television drama series such as Felicity, Alias and Lost! The underrated M:I III proved conclusively that action sequences can boast bombast, but not at the expense of human drama. Star Trek cements that reputation to the nth degree with the interpersonal conflicts between Kirk, Spock and Nero.

The hero shots are reserved, rightly, for the USS Enterprise itself! The starship's design referencing the incarnations seen in Star Trek I to VI. The bridge is imbued with the design ethos of Steve Jobs' Apple - another successful reboot! This is an Enterprise for the iPhone and iPod touch generation!

This Trek has been rebuilt from the ground up. A masterstroke that reconnects/introduces many fans (myself included) to the adventures of Kirk, Spock and Bones! Frankly, I'll always prefer Kirk in the captain's chair! Phasers on stunning...

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  1. Phasers on stunning indeed. What a terrific film. We watched it at an unbelievably sustained fever pitch on the edge of our seats throughout. I have to see it again. And than buy it on Blu-Ray, hopefully with the Digital Version so I can watch it on my iPhone.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It's always appreciated. Can't wait for the Blu-ray release this upcoming holiday season.


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