Wednesday 9 September 2009

Ten App Store video games you should own!

To mark Apple's "Rock and Roll" event in San Francisco, which should usher in new iPods. These are my suggested top ten iPhone/iPod touch video games that you should own (in no particular order):

DOOM Resurrection (iTunes link)
On-rail shooters don't come much better than this atmospheric and visceral experience. Surely the Dead Space franchise won't be too far behind?

Mr. Driller (iTunes link)
Namco's diminutive Dig Dug franchise is very much alive and well in the Noughties!

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (iTunes link)
Contender for game of the year! Read my review to find out why here.

Wolfenstein RPG (iTunes link)
Hot on the heels of Wolfenstein 3D. RPG is a must for any fan of compelling game play!

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (iTunes link)
The narrative of the Bryce family weaves a wonderful web.

Castle of Magic (iTunes link)
Every successful video games console has a mascot. Mario for Nintendo and Sonic for Sega. Now there's a contender for iPhone. Meet Wizzy, you won't regret it!

ROLANDO 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid (iTunes link)

WORMS (iTunes link)

Flight Control (iTunes link)
The game that garnered plaudits from the Twittering generation and with just cause!

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (iTunes link)
This game needs no introduction. Point and click has translated well to Apple's portable gaming platform. Can't wait for the likes of Full Throttle, Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

By no means definitive, but there you have it! Please suggest your own favourites in comments.

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