Monday 1 March 2010

Heavy Rain tops UK sales charts

During the weekend there was a serious threat of heavy rain across most of the UK. Thankfully, it didn't materialise in all regions.

Heavy rain may have missed the South West of England, but that didn't stop me playing the chart-topping title on PS3!

Originally, I intended to write a fuller review of this PlayStation exclusive. Suffice to say that this, twisting, thriller is equivalent to playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, filtered through the prism of maverick movie director David Fincher, and savoured sans spoilers.

New Line must share my enthusiasm: the film studio has optioned the movie rights to Heavy Rain. May I suggest David Fincher or Luc Besson?

Once you've played through the game, its replay value will be apparent... Further to this. The Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC will afford further insight into the principal protagonists backstories.

Heavy Rain is an early contender for game of the year 2010! That is all.

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