Sunday 8 August 2010

Move like Michael Jackson

This November Sony will release a posthumous album containing 10 unreleased songs from the self-proclaimed King of Pop: Michael Jackson.

Frank DiLeo, who managed Jackson during the boom years from 1984 to 1989, told Rolling Stone magazine, "There are a couple of songs we recorded for the Bad album that we had to cut that are just sensational."

"Every time that [Jackson] recorded, he over-recorded. He would record anywhere from 20 to 30 songs for each album," former Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola told Rolling Stone last year. "Any of them could have been as big a hit as the ones that came out."

A spokesperson for the estate confirms the new record, chosen from more than 100 songs held in Jackson's archive, will be the first in a 10-project, seven-year deal worth $250 million that Jackson estate executors signed with Sony Music bosses in March.

Unsurprisingly interest surrounding the unreleased collaborations with Akon, Ne-Yo and remains undiminished since the superstar's death. has publicly decried Sony's decision to go ahead with a new album. Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, who co-produced Michael Jackson's Invincible (2001), is working on the project.

A brand new official video game will coincide with the album and includes support for Sony's PlayStation Move. Michael Jackson is no stranger to video games and signed a lucrative deal with Sega in the late 1980's, which culminated in a 'Moonwalker' movie tie-in, and various appearances in Sega arcade and home console franchises.

There are rumours that Sony is preparing extended editions of Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad.

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