Monday 9 August 2010

Kinect or Move?

During this upcoming holiday season, Microsoft and Sony will both release their belated ripostes to Nintendo's game-changing Wii console. Not new consoles, but add-on peripherals backed by high profile brand partnerships.

Sony and Coca-Cola have signed an on-pack deal to promote PlayStation Move. This will appear on 130 million packages of Coke, Sprite and other associated drinks.

Kinect and PlayStation Move will be available in a variety of bundles - some of which may confuse consumers.

Sony has yet to announce a PlayStation Move bundle that includes all the peripherals required to take full advantage of the technology, unlike Microsoft's Xbox 360 4GB console with Kinect.

I'm most interested in replaying Heavy Rain: Move Edition: the gameplay lends itself to an immersive motion control experience. Whether or not that justifies a further investment of £100 (including Move, Subcontroller, Eye Camera and charging station) is open to debate! However, as with Heavy Rain, many first and third-party games will receive downloadable patches to support Move.

Dead Space 2 might just be the killer application to entice enthusiast gamers, and there's the derivative Sports Champions for everyone else.

In view of the ongoing economic crisis, Nintendo Wii's out-of-the-box experience undercuts both rivals by a significant margin. Of the two new platforms competing for your cash: Move, a halfway house between Wii and Kinect, is the easier sell. You'll most likely already own games that are Move compatible. And I haven't touched on the subject of 3D!

Tempted by Kinect, Move or are you apathetic about gesture-based gaming?

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