Thursday 29 September 2011

LOVEFiLM Player for iPad

Not content with being available for PlayStation 3, BRAVIA Internet Video or Mac and PC. LOVEFiLM joins the portable fray with its all-new LOVEFiLM Player for iPad. LOVEFiLM already has a presence on the App Store, but nothing like this...

“LOVEFiLM’s debut on iPad is a huge win for our customers as the latest platform to support the service. This is a huge leap in movie watching for the 21st Century – making LOVEFiLM more portable than ever before”, said Simon Calver, CEO of LOVEFiLM. “LOVEFiLM on iPad is the latest step in giving film fans total control over their viewing schedule and our commitment to expanding the ways in which members can stream movies and TV series on a range of devices.”

Hopefully an iPhone/iPod touch version won't be too far behind.

LOVEFiLM Player for iPad (iTunes)

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  1. Ugh LoveFilm. They are a conniving bunch. Check out to see what I mean. We were with them a few years ago and eventually cancelled our contract as we weren't using it enough having got a streaming service. They rang us weekly for months on end afterwards trying to get us to come back. It was pretty much harassment.


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