Monday 3 October 2011

Drew Struzan: Oeuvre

Struzan's movie posters informed, and embellished, my appreciation of movie making!

Drew Struzan has created some of the most iconic movie posters of the last 30 years, from Harry Potter to Hellboy, Raiders of the Lost Ark to Back to the Future. This extravagant hardcover edition of DREW STRUZAN: OEUVRE, with a Foreword by George Lucas, film producer, screen-writer, director and founder/chairman of Lucasfilm Ltd., features over 250 pieces of art, including all of Drew’s most iconic movie images, as well as other career highlights, from record album, book, and comic book covers, to stamps, trading cards, promotional artwork and very personal original works. —This right-up-to-date collection of Struzan’s work includes recent and never-before-published pieces including Star Wars: Episode III poster art; Indiana Jones 4 poster art; Walking Dead poster art; Hellboy 2 poster art; Pan’s Labyrinth poster art; Lord of the Rings trading cards; and never before published personal works.

This book is an essential purchase for any film fan. Pre-order from or


  1. Awesome book this, I recently purchased it for the creative team here at Substance. Being a specialist film and entertainment agency we have a gaggle of creative guys who live for this kind of stuff and regard Struzan as something of a god - and rightly so. I ordered a copy for the team a few weeks ago, and Amazon kindly delivered it early last week. The creative boys then spent a good 40 mins or so collectively cooing over each and every page, gently stroking the pages and generally making appreciative noises. Know anyone who likes film ? This is a shoe in for an AMAZING crimbo pressie that will get a good 1 trillion brownie-point-mega-bucks

    1. I've been most remiss and still haven't picked up a copy!


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